Terms and Conditions

Tickets to Fully Charged LIVE US are issued on behalf of the organizer Fully Charged Show Ltd and are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Attendees entering the Venue must have a valid Event ticket. All attendees must have their ticket scanned at the dedicated entrance. Any person entering or attempting to enter the Venue without prior authorisation or not in the possession of a valid Event ticket will be refused admission.
  2. On arrival and for the purposes of entry into the Venue for the Event, the Organizer may exchange tickets for wristbands.
  3. Tickets cannot be refunded or transferred to another event. All tickets should be checked by the Attendee on purchase, as mistakes cannot always be rectified. If you have paid the incorrect fee please email operations@fullycharged.show
  4. 4. Attendees holding a ticket purchased at a concessional price must produce proof of age or documentation justifying the concession when the ticket is presented for entry.
  5. Tickets cannot be sold for commercial gain. If the Organizer has reason to believe that a ticket has been resold it will be invalidated and the holder will be refused admission.
  6. Defaced or altered tickets will become void and the holder will be refused admission.
  7. The Organizer may restrict the sale of tickets to a maximum number per person (allocation). The Organizer reserves the right to cancel tickets bought in excess of this allocation.
  8. The Organizer reserves the right to alter or vary the content, timing or dates of the whole or any part of the Event in circumstances beyond its reasonable control without any obligation to issue ticket refunds or exchanges.
  9. COVID-19: to mitigate risks associated with coronavirus, the Organizer will implement a number of mandatory safety measures and communicate these to Attendees on the Event website, via email and in person at the Event. Attendees experiencing symptoms associated with the coronavirus, or who have recently been in contact with a person experiencing symptoms, are asked not to attend the Event.
  10.  The Organizer is not holding itself out as an authority on public health regarding the incidence and transmission of any virus. Organizers will follow guidance from the Government and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and take such steps as considered appropriate in the circumstances, and shall look to comply with such guidance, for example social distancing, proof of vaccination and mask wearing.
  11. It is each Event ticket holder’s sole decision whether to attend any Event knowing the risks associated with how easily a virus may be spread and knowing the health advice and recommendations issued by the Government, Public Health England, or any local or judicial authority. The Event ticket holder is responsible for their own health and safety and cannot solely rely on the measures put in place at the Event by the Event Provider.
  12. Every effort will be made to admit latecomers at a suitable break in theatre sessions, but admission cannot always be guaranteed.
  13. Venue Management and the Organizer may, in their absolute discretion, conduct security searches for any items which are prohibited by law or prohibited by these Terms & Conditions. Unless expressly authorised by the Organizer, possession of the following items is prohibited at the Event: All professional cameras (those with detachable lenses or telephoto lenses), monopods and tripods; Audio/visual recording devices; broadcasting or transmission equipment;
    • Animals (excluding service dogs); Drones or other remote controlled devices; Knives, weapons, scissors and chains; Fireworks or flares; and Any other item deemed by the Manager in its absolute discretion, to be inappropriate, illegal, unsafe or hazardous in any way. The Organizer reserves the right to, at any time; add items to the prohibited items list.
  14. The Organizer does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property brought to this event. Attendees are responsible for their own personal possessions and must not leave bags or possessions unattended at any time.
  15. The Venue and Organizer shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever and howsoever arising within the premises.
  16. Attendees may be filmed, photographed or sound recorded for broadcast, publication and/or security purposes.
  17. It is a condition of admission to the Event that no commercial (non-private) use may be made by an Attendee of the show or any part of it unless agreed prior with the Organizer. Recording of the event is permitted for personal (non-commercial) purposes only.
  18. Animals are not permitted at the Venue with the exception of accredited service dogs in the company of its registered owner.
  19. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Venue. Smoking includes the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic imitations or simulation devices.
  20. Please check event details, timings and car park charges prior to travelling as these may be subject to change.
  21. The Event is indoors and outdoors and will take place regardless of weather conditions (unless deemed unsafe by the event safety officer).
  22. In accordance with the law, visitors under the age of 21 are not permitted to purchase/sample alcoholic drink products.
  23. Any complaints relating to the Event should be made via email to operations@fullycharged.show (prior to and during the event) or in person at the onsite Organizer’s Office (during event hours only).